Food Matters – Summer 2024 issue

Our Summer 2024 issue of Food Matters is now available to view/download by clicking on the image below.

In this issue, with only a week to go before the general election, we’ve been taking a look at some of the calls being made on the next government to address the issue of food insecurity and tackle the staggering levels of food waste in the UK, for example by our partners, Fare Share, and other charities working in the field,

But if you’re already election weary, there’s plenty more too, including a look at some innovate apps aimed at tackling food waste, as well as some useful tips to reduce food waste in the home. Who knew that storing milk in the fridge door isn’t such a good idea?

On the subject of food, Jack Monroe, the food writer, journalist and activist known for campaigning on poverty issues, particularly hunger relief, has kindly agreed for us to reproduce some of her recipes in Food Matters. Jack’s published seven cookbooks focusing on ‘austerity recipes’ and meals that can be made on the tightest of budgets. For starters, in this issue, there’s a delicious Coronation Quiche at around 40p per serving.

There’s much else besides in Food Matter’s 21 pages, all in the menu of contents in the image below. Please feel free to share far and wide with anyone who you think might be interested. And please do let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see covered in a future issue.

Food Matters - Summer 2024
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