How to Help

There are many ways you can help as an individual, company or organisation. Please do get in touch with us to discuss any of these further.

  • Volunteer to collect or deliver food locally (see below)
  • Become a volunteer driver
  • Become a Trustee of the charity
  • Donate surplus in-date food if you are a food business or supplier
  • Register to receive food for your charity or community organisation
  • Support us financially by making either a one-off or monthly donation
  • Invite a speaker to your club or organisation
  • Engage with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


Whether working in our warehouse sorting donated food, packing crates, getting it loaded onto our vans for daily deliveries, driving vans, serving as drivers’ mates, collecting food from supermarkets and producers etc., there are many ways in which volunteers help. In fact, we often describe our 50 plus volunteers as the beating heart of our organisation because we couldn’t do what we do without them.

If you’d like to apply we’d love to hear from you. You can do so easily by completing our online Volunteer Application Form.

Supply Food

We are happy to receive almost all kinds of food from retailers, farmers, food producers and transport companies. These include fresh fruit and vegetables; fresh meat and fish; dairy produce such as milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese; drinks such as fruit juices, smoothies, bottled water; ambient (dry) foods; and frozen produce.

We take daily collections from some shops and outlets in Exeter, and are able to take goods in bulk quantities. Our warehouse allows us to store dry food, fresh food and frozen food.

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