Summer 2023 Newsletter

Our Summer 2023 newsletter is now available on our website and future issues will be too. You can download a copy here (pdf). The latest issue is bursting with news, with profiles of some of our amazing volunteers and various items of potential interest to readers, including a piece about the world’s first ever food bank, how footballers are doing their bit to help out, a new Kids Zone, and how we’re breaking records (see below).

We’re flying high!

We’re breaking records, although we’d rather not be because they reflect ever-rising demand. In the first half of this year we managed to get just under 70,000 kgs of food onto the tables of people who need it. This exceeds the total amount of food we were able to provide in the whole of the previous year. To provide some kind of context, an empty Airbus A320 passenger plane, as pictured below, weighs less at a mere 42,600 kgs!

Airbus A320 passenger plane
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