EFA’s Tree-Decorating Task Force

Earlier this week, as Storm Debi blew in, EFA’s tree-decorating task force assembled beneath ours, part of the 11th Princesshay Charity Christmas Tree Festival, where 35 trees will be lit this evening.

As we decorated our tree, storm Debi’s gathering force roared into the centre, turning our spot into a wind tunnel – the wind’s equivalent of rapids. At times we had to hold on to keep it standing, and us from being blown away.

But despite the challenges, the task force excelled, and we now have an impressively dressed tree. Although other trees are available, we think that ours stands out from the crowd.

Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially volunteer, Dave Turner, who balanced valiantly on a ladder that Debi tried hard to blow over. And a huge thank you to Mitch Siviter, activities coordinator at Exeter care home, Alexander House. Mitch enabled us not only to adorn our tree with hanging fruit and other food, but to top it with a team of reindeer pulling a beautifully constructed model of a food delivery van, reaching towards the heavens. Thanks, Mitch, for the icing on the cake!

Princesshay Christmas Tree
Exeter Food Action's Christmas Tree

Thursday evening, our lights finally turned on.
Courtesy Wendy Kearns (Tree-decorating Task Force Commander).

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